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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update


A huge hello to all of our 2022 Guests!

Here in the rarefied air of Roshven it can usually be easy to forget what is going on elsewhere in the world (that is often why you love to visit) however these are unprecedented times!

Please be assured that if you do/are able to come and visit we have more than maintained our extremely robust regime of cleanliness.


While the world Pandemic appears to be abating and restrictions are easing, we continue to be considerate of our neighbours and the people that help us though each Season with cleaning and laundry. With that in mind some protocols will remain in place during the 2022 season.

In advance of any stay an email will be sent to everyone coming to stay which will outline what we are up to as well as providing information on what is open, available and any booking restrictions on venues or experiences.

We continue to agree to return any monies paid in the event of you not being able to visit due to a member of your group contracting Covid-19 and being prevented from travel should there not be a suitable alternative date. In this event Brenda will be happy to help.


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