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‘Fingal’s walks’ 2017 competition

The competition is now closed, so it's congratulations to our winners Holly & Rory Gilmour. Well done to them, and their Parents, for getting all the answers and the tie break correct! 

The competition was very close at the end, so thank you very much to everyone for taking the time to enter. Next years competition will have to be even harder judging by the numbers of correct answers!


1 - Roshven House beach looking North West
2 - North shore Roshven towards Sandimans from Bob Middleton's house along the 
coast to the secret beach

3 - Along side John Northovers land up from the secret beach back towards the farm
4 - Looking down the cut towards goat island and up the old pony track in our garden
5 - Entrance to Loch Morar one direction and the falls in the other
6 - Samalaman beach and boats in the bay
7 - Walking up from Roshven House with the wood shed behind Fingal
8 - Walking along the River Sheil (Dorlin) and again with Castle Tioran in the 
9 - Glenfinnan Viaduct
10 - Mallaig quay/harbour
11 - Kinlochmoidart drive

Tiebreaker - St Agnes Church, Glenuig

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